Wednesday, April 13, 2011

St. Joseph Medical Center Towson Maryland Stent Lawsuit Update

It appears that Westmoreland Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania may be facing the same troubles as St. Joseph Medical Center in regards to the implantation of unneeded stents.  The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported on March 3, 2011, that medical reviews at Westmoreland Hospital have determined that two cardiologists implanted unneeded coronary stents in at least 141 patients.
St. Joseph Medical Center
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This similar medical malpractice claim sounds a lot like the current stent litigation in Baltimore, Maryland, where our office are currently involved in claims against Dr. Mark Midei and St. Joseph Medical Center for stents implanted unnecessarily.

If you received a stent from Dr. Mark Midei and were sent a stent letter from St. Joseph Medical Center, email our stent lawyers.

Westmoreland Hospital assembled two teams of nationally recognized cardiologist to review stent procedures in 2010.  The report found that 141 patients in 2010 may not have had enough blockage in their arteries to warrant a stent placement.  The doctors that were found to have implanted unneeded stents were; Dr. Ehab Morcos and George Bousamra.

A stent is a tiny mesh wire devise that is used to open arteries that are believed to be constricted and allows improved blood flow through those arteries. The use of stents can be successful for patients that need the procedure, but as we have found in over 600 patients from St. Joseph Medical Center, Dr. Mark Midei was implanting stents in patients that did not have the minimum blockage.

If you were a patent of Dr. Mark Midei and received a stent between January 2005 and January 2010, you still have time to file a stent claim.  Numerous claims and lawsuits have been filed in Maryland for unneeded stents placed by Dr. Mark Midei, but our office is involved with the majority of the claims and lawsuits against Dr. Midei and St. Joseph Medical Center.  If you believe that you received an unneeded stent, we can handle your claim against Dr. Mark Midei and St. Joseph Medical Center.    Contact our office at 410.288.2900 for immediate help.

If you received a stent letter from St. Joseph Medical Center indicating that you have received an unneeded stent, contact our stent lawyers at 410.288.2900, ask for St. Joseph Stent Attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr.

All consultations are free and confidential and most information can be collected over the phone by our Maryland Stent Lawyers.  We'll send you a St. Joseph Stent Lawsuit packet and in the privacy of your home, you can complete the forms and return them to our office for review by our stent lawsuit cardiologist.

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